What Are Some More Resources?

The 16 Facebook names out there that are currently the most well-trusted and well-known include: Food & Wine, Bon Appetit Magazine, Saveur Magazine, Fine Cooking, Epicurious, Food 52, Nourished Kitchen, Real Simple, Honest Cooking, Cooking Light, Food.com, Taste of Home, Olive Magazine, Nigella Lawson, Eating Well and Jamie Oliver. As some of the names of these suggest, many are also online blogs and popular magazines as well, through which a portion of their sphere of influences just so happens to come out through Facebook. Any methods of promoting your business, blog, magazine, article or general expertise count, when it comes down to it. In today’s highly competitive stream of information and opportunity, one must indeed keep all of his or her doors and options open, to say the very least. There is just no telling what door may open a larger one behind it, and that, my friend, is one of the many surprisingly glorious aspects of being in the business in today’s post-modern day and age.

Other fan sites with expert tips and tricks, as well as their own online catalogs of unique used restaurant or kitchen appliances, popularly include Hella Bitter, Field & Flower, Maltby Street Market, The Grenada Chocolate Company, Pumpstreet Bakery, Netherend Farm, Sacred Spirit and Appliance Experts. These are just a few of the many out there. A great majority of the people behind these are, in fact, legitimate and qualified experts on the matter who may also sell you products of quality and value in return for very little. It is their specialty, and it is their lifelong pleasure and joy. Some do it for no return whatsoever, and the thoughtful gesture is always so wonderfully appreciated. Others do it merely for social media followers, and that alone is more than satisfying enough for them.

One of my personal favorites is Daschia Dunlop. Her website gives plenty of advice on both cooking and buying or preparing for Chinese food at home or in your restaurant’s kitchen. More than anything, it helps to work with what’s available.