A Better Understanding, Appreciation and Overall Respect for the Food Business

One certainly learns to have a bit more respect and appreciation for one’s local food chains and restaurants, as well as for those who work so tirelessly in them. Knowledge is crucial to everything. Knowledge becomes awareness, and awareness, in turn, becomes power. Power changes lives and puts the pen of the writers in one’s very own hand. Destinies are re-written, and businesses are changed forever.

It all begins with an increase in knowledge and interested awareness. How about all of that unique valuable restaurant furniture lying around by the arcade next to the buffet line? Did all of this equipment just get there by itself? I think not. Is it cheap? Perhaps it is not so.

What About Other Forms? Is That All?

We are far from done here. Yet to be brief and to the point in specifics, we also continue with the known chairs, tables, carts, and racks. Some are even specially made to display or resemble the company’s restaurant logo. You can have these pre-made online or at a specialty store and more than likely get a discount as well. It is well worth the investment, in my own personal opinion. Anything that adds tax value or returning customers through physical attract-ability is always a plus in any book, would you not think so?

Dishwashing and sanitation is very important and often overlooked. Professional businesses and restaurants of any serious nature are required by law to have some form of both. In fact, failure to put out certain items such as a “warning: floor may be wet” sign may cause a serious lawsuit if an injury were to occur among a customer for slipping or falling. “Employees” must wash hands before returning to work” is another common and no less vital one out there today. Businesses are required by law to have these types of signs and warnings posted all throughout their locations, and failure to do so may result in a fine, court penalties and even possible removal from business altogether.

“Commercial Kitchen Equipment – A Must in Any Commercial Kitchen” is an excellent resource to look at for more information on this topic. It also mentions in detail how numerous restaurant formats and factories are now requiring different types of equipment. For example, we may see that:

“A food service operator relies on kitchen equipment to cook everything on the menu, and if one piece fails the whole kitchen could shut down. When first starting out, or when installing a different piece of equipment, one of the biggest concerns is cost. Commercial equipment is an investment….” (https://www.thebalance.com/new-vs-used-commercial-kitchen-equipment-1326040, pg. 1)

In addition to all of this, I believe that the more general point to always keep in mind is that the more prepared one is, the better. One must not only prepare for excellent food and excellent food service. One is required to generally keep a more open mind at all times and to anticipate certain unexpected or unaccounted for factors such as personal emergencies. If a customer does trip or fall in your home or restaurant kitchen, was he or she advised and warned prior to advancing? This is an entirely different theme for a different subject altogether, but it is one more than well worth keeping in mind and doing full research and prior preparation on as a whole.